just jacks

“Everyone wants to put you in a box, and I just can’t go for that. I’m claustrophobic. I prefer limitless boundaries. However, being a well-cranked jack-in-the box could be interesting.”  Today’s Animal Crackers goes with that which I wrote in a different blog on Wednesday (origin post), and so, no, I shouldn’t be surprised that a jack-in-the-box would show up in the comics, should I? It’s all part of that manifestation thing the comics have going right now. It’s kinda’ fun, actually. It’s a way to keep my mind occupied if nothing else. There’s usually more than one thing going on in there. As I typed a TruValue commercial came on and I looked up to see there were bubbles are all (in the commercial) and then I heard, “We’re here because we’ve been there.”

Hmmm, if the future has gone to the past, they could be here now. Now that could be a surprise to some people, but there are others who believe we live side-by-side with others in another dimension, all unseen of course.

The TV was on Sci-Fi (11:49 am) as I put this post together (Stargate SG1) and Teal’c pressed a stone on the amulet on his arm; he could then see and hear Mitchell, who before that moment was invisible due to being out of phase. Ah yes, life and art closely timed, or should I say timed to life. It would be easier if life was just that simple.

That episode went off and another episode came on (Crusade) where the characters saw out of each others’ eyes, and only the mirror showed who was truly whom. Since I wanted to watch the news I switched Stargate off at that point.

It’s time to go outside awhile, I have a few more seeds to plant.



PS: Yesterday I wrote I saw the Sunny Side of Louisville balloon van go by the house. As I just watched the news a few minutes ago I found out there is the Kentucky Derby half-marathon and a hot-air balloon race in Louisville tomorrow morning, with a balloon glow this evening:

Start Date: Friday, April 25, 2008
End Date: Friday, April 25, 2008
Location: Kentucky Exposition Center
Time: 9 PM 

 Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Race
4/24/08-4/26/08; The Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Race is one of Louisville’s beloved family traditions, one of the country’s most prestigious balloon events; Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, Louisville

Nice COINCIDENCE, eh?  😉

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