strange…blank…Blank doesn’t mean it isn’t busy up there on the sun. On April 26th, a relatively minor solar flare sent a million mph “solar tsunami” through the sun’s atmosphere and spewed out a coronal mass ejection (CME).  They are calling it a “strange solar flare” because generally a sunspot is visible when there is enough magnetism to produce these (sunspots are areas of magnetism) and they say the sun was blank. Just because someone has their eyes closed doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking either. Just an observation. I was busy myself this weekend with guests so just now getting around to my some recent thoughts and mail.

I signed up for the USGS 2.5+ earthquake RSS last week because of a feeling about a certain depth at which earthquakes are happening, namely depth of 10 miles more or less (10.00 km (6.21 mi). I based the need to watch on the depth of one in the midwest  that I mentioned recently and activity off the coast of Oregon. I am not geologist or scientist but occasionally I notice patterns or non-patterns that some might not because they seem so inconsequential. Everything has purpose so I have a tendency to at least make a mental note. If you have been following this blog you notice certain patterns or connections after a while. There is definitely an order to the universe. Like my recent connection of eggs in the blog. Some things that are synchronistic are funny. Here’s today’s connection:

There’s not always something I can put my finger on scientifically, but there are connections that I can draw between many thing, and generally a comic strip makes the connection as well. Just because you don’t see connections at first (in anything) doesn’t mean something isn’t happening or there isn’t a connection. I put the feed on and figured I would check it every few days. My thoughts had been going back to a quake I felt in Nevada some years ago (maybe 7 years ago???), which gave me a whole different earthquake experience. I do have a mental “Reno” connection, so I decided to see if there was another recent connection.

In real time today I went to silobreaker  which made a couple of connections an easy read. I came across an illustration which I immediately saw in another context, copied, pasted, inverted colors and made a mental note of the triangulation. BTW, I have never been to the silobreaker site before writing this post. Persistence is something I am known for so the quote found came to my attention, “There is no known connection between the two,” it said of an earthquake in Mogul-Somerset area. The quote was: “The activity west of Reno is unusual in that the largest earthquakes of the series have been the latest to occur. This is out of the normal pattern of mainshock followed by smaller aftershocks, such as has occurred with the Wells, Nev., earthquake of Feb. 21, 2008. There is no known connection between the two. Based on the persistence of the earthquake series, the Laboratory indicated there was a slightly higher probability for a significant future earthquake in West Reno.” 

Meanwhile residents are warned to prepare just in case…

I see in pictures. Sometimes I have to wonder what my observations would look like in scientific data but that would be hard to do with my active imagination. Just because something is not known or shown doesn’t mean it isn’t connected. The page filter diagram changed as I moved about the site a little more and I became  aware of the dots being mentally connected. I manipulated the filter controls until I was satisfied with last diagram before me and knew it was time to move onto the day’s comics.

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One Response to st-range

  1. Robert Dinse says:

    I found your blog interesting in as much as I can feel a resonance between some of the things you are picking up and those that I am aware of.

    The Reno set of Earthquakes, publicly they are saying they don’t know what is happening, but geologists I have communicated with say it is magma moving up. The earthquakes result from rock over head cracking and falling into the magma pool. Presently the magma is about a mile under the surface and they do not know if it will reach the surface.

    However, the epicenter of the quakes is under a golf-coarse in northern Reno; now if you go to Google Maps and look you’ll see that it’s sitting in the crater of what looks for all the world (and I am sure it is) a volcanic cone.

    In other words; this ain’t a new volcano, just one that hasn’t been active recently and dumb humans built a city around and a golf-coarse on top of.

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