deus ex machina, II

Try again. I had to delete the post and re-post it after I saw it duplicated itself in the post five or six times. Grrrr

Here’s how life works…She says we don’t really understand it but there are many things we don’t understand and we just have to do the best we can with the knowledge we have. This one is a complete mystery. Dum! Dum! It’s too easy! There’s no challenge! Do you even know what I’m showing you? (a mystery favor Dum Dum lollipop) I guess that makes sense.”

That mini collage above made me laugh, because of the connection, but I do make the connection, even you might after looking at the collage above then the two lollipop posts…maybe yes, maybe no. In a collage I did but had not posted until (below) today the anagrams were a little stranger than usual…

The text for the anagrams came from text in the collage below (which was the cartoonist’s definition of innate).

1.)  God needed intention first, I learned most beings continue to use the third door, their context bridge, once motion in earth begins antenna forcing truth in all men, the next vision I felt Preeminent proof…I hear Virgin Mary telling of His great birth.”


2.) “If got chlorine in vision, Fine, accepted … monumental mind experiment ordered on sentient beings…light institution beginning… told of birth on earth … Lord not thirty-three after life or existence…great, more ants…the right Indiana neighbor nervous.” 

**While I enjoy doing anagrams sometimes they can go too far. Some are right on and others, eh, you gotta wonder. This one had to do with chlorine which made a connection when I found the toilet water a light green color today. I am getting a kidney cat scan tomorrow. The kidneys are still not clear, but I wasn’t prepared to see green. So I made a connection, albeit via a strange route. I do “get it” sooner or later, but sometimes the route is circuitous and thought provoking.  As I was ready to post the neighbor came by, so that was interesting he made it into the anagram at the last minute. The anagram was something different right before I posted. I do have more ants, but posted on that earlier today. Let’s try again!


3.) “Excellent!… Something’s going on…the bride isn’t blind. Information in another vision of the Virgin Mary… a secret pre-existing life condition under order determined from birth; rather than telling of the action going on, use the true intent…be patient.”

4.) I got mental vision from the Lord, accept experiment on one-third of men in order that central nervous integration is determined. Sentient beings began life in light tunnel, birth exit by origin, right-handed intuition effort is honor here.”


5.) “Independent ghost needed neural activation, sentients baffled that earthlings ignore letter of intention to bring millions through mirror rift, being bright ruined mind experiment…I got fantasy existence their home on Ohio River.”

One more: “Once entire nation goes off analog digital television instrumental in beginning thought experiment, government need better proof…one third of tectonics signal birth of extraordinary children, I birthed three, one Seth, I trust him, trine in mind.”

I figured it must be “Eve” talking again. Things usually do get weird after you do three of them. They’re just anagrams, otherwise the conspiracy theories would run rampant. In the collage below notice the words deus ex machina services. I have a post called in my machine…
Today’s collage, and then I am outta here:



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