green “beans”

Every now and then a random word comes into mind and I need to follow it up because it generally means I am being shown something, like tonight,when the dog wandered next door and forgot where he was, it happens sometimes. The beau let the mostly-blind chihuahua out and then couldn’t find him, so I went outside to call him. Standing in the middle of the yard I spied a brand new electrical outlet on the ground and picked it up. I said aloud, I have been here before, (meaning finding things like that) now where is my dog. A moment later the neighbor came over and asked it that was my dog in her yard. She said she only saw him because she went out to see if there was mail. It was a lot later than she would normally do that, so I appreciate the dog getting back safely.

And speaking of safety…the wiring in this house is ancient. Yesterday I smelled something electrical but did not know what it was right after I had turned the oven on for dinner, but knew it wasn’t the right odor, it was some other electric smell. A while later when friends came by I noticed the lights were off in the living room. We had apparently blown a fuse. After the switch was flipped back on I caught a spark in the corner of my eye, and found the electrical cord that was plugged in there was melted down at the plug and sparking, surely leading to a fire if it had not been seen. Thanks for the note big guy. So the new outlet must be a hint…yes, it should be changed out. Sometimes one thing leads us to another.

Getting back to today’s random word (actually it came up a day or so ago but I am just now following up) it was haricots vert.  I did buy some “green beans” today on my trip to wally-world. I only got part of what I needed because I can’t stand going there when it is busy. I also feel ill each time I go there, something hard to explain but I only get that feeling in one other place…and I figured out it was the lighting. Quite frankly I think it must make people mean because I find a lot of people are rude there. I can’t stand it any more than a half hour, whatever it is. Any hoots, tomorrow is another day. I promised I would attend church tomorrow (I haven’t been in weeks). Yesterday I saw my neighbor at the store (thus cut my shopping short) and drove her home (she got the last of yesterday’s green beans at Jay-C’s store in town) and today (at Wallyworld) I saw the pastor’s wife and two children. I was really not feeling well when I talked with her but did promise I would be at church tomorrow. It is the first time she has ever seen me out of church, and probably wondered why I had pants on. I wear pants, unlike the other women in the church I attend. I am sure they will be expecting me to account for this difference of opinion, but I don’t owe them that. God is OK with my wearing of pants even if the church is not. When talking with the pastor’s wife she asked if I had kidney stones or what. I said every time I have a test I ask that they find nothing, so they find nothing. She said maybe I should be praying that they find out what the problem is but that it is fixable. I never thought of asking. I just say I hope nothing was found. I guess I will find out Monday what was or wasn’t found. Anyway…I got my green beans, and due to timing I got whatever else I was supposed to get while there.

Today’s anagram comes from the text in the collage that says, “We could talk, discuss religion, books, philosophy. Anything!…what the first subject that pops into your head?” Well, when I was doing this collage I was also thinking about the CAT scan machine and how the little red laser light goes back and forth while lying there, kinda’ like the cylon’s red laser eye on Battlestar Gallactica. And green beans.  😉

Weird mind I know. The text gave me this anagram, “How’s Jesus Christ adapt physics to answer by “innate” thoughts? That link to prolific old book helps guide you.”  The last post (about the volcano erupting) used in the definition of “innate” for anagrams. Just having fun in this collage with what came up, as it connects to previous posts as part of my nexus. You can decide on what the anagram means.

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