clear through

Not that anyone cares to read about this sort of thing, but today’s endoscopy and colonoscopy was good for a bunch of naps. I was cleaned out clear through from top to bottom. I am only online for a minute to put up the anagram I didn’t get up last night and today’s collage. I noticed just before posting that someone had come to the blog looking for “the god part of the brain”. There is a comic in the collage that may speak to that for them, in some way. 😉 The nexus is present. The anagrams come from text used in yesterday’s collage, using the text twice. Thus the anagram comes out as, “I enjoyed the davinci code, did I see a divinity movie? A religio loci is a good idea…do come, I detail majesty, a coelacanth mystery.” I am too tired to explain it for now. But if you follow the nexus in some form it will be recognizable at least.

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