At the end of reading comics this morning I noticed a game ad on the side of the page for a game called IKariam. I read it as I carry ’em. I also noticed the embedded words in the ad which appeared to be “see the gods play”. Sometimes I notice weird stuff like that and just put it in the collage. I also noticed the game description started off as “The sound of the sea, a white sandy beach and sun! On a small island somewhere… “ A small island, uh huh. This is today’s collage:

I’m not sure how I got dressed yesterday after my endoscopy and colonoscopy because I don’t remember a thing about getting dressed, leaving the hospital, getting in my friend’s car or coming into the house. That must be what it is like to enjoy a good drunk, but it is a little strange for someone who doesn’t do that sort of thing. I just cannot recall getting from one point to the next. I do remember waking after a few naps and at one point putting a new desktop picture on my desktop, the Azul photo that came with the computer desktop collection, showing a small island. I just decided to change it last night, needing a change. I also recall posting a mini-collage and anagram, and will leave that as is even though I was still under the influence when I did it. Yesterday was pretty much shot. My body needed the rest anyway since I rarely get more than 4 hours of sleep. 

I did not vote yesterday but I doubt it made a difference either. I didn’t follow much on TV after the polls closed either, but still, was not surprised by results this morning. What will be is already written somewhere. Sometimes we can see it, sometimes we can’t. The name IKARIAM is in today’s anagram which comes from the collage text, “Imagine yourself on a beach, looking at a beautiful still lake…the sun is warm on your face..” The anagram reads, “If IKARIAM has brought out a game online, at link we see a funny bullseye of actual color.” That’s all for now folks. And no, I did not write the words over the ad, they are embedded. I just happened to notice them and went from there.


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