apple pie & corn on the cob

The Corn on the Cob illustrations match the anagram of today’s Comic Sherpa Apple Pie. I guess maybe this is something only I would’ve noticed but I thought I would point it out. I was bored and thought I would find a random comic strip that I had not looked at today, and saw the Apple Pie toon, and as soon as I saw it I realized it matched up with the Corn on the Cob strip which I looked at yesterday. Go figure. Well, I know somebody had it figured.  😉  I used the text from today’s entire Apple Pie strip, “So I learned today that we evolved from monkeys. Hmmm. Maybe. But judging by my hair I’m betting on hedgehogs.”  This is what came of it: “Jesus died, gave him the bridge to God, many taken to my God by a Bible, why give them only Romans Ten Four? Hmmm.” So if you look at the illustration, you’ll see the two are related. A lot of science goes into these things, you know?

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