especially relative

Special relativity is not something I wish to explain because it is science that tells people something someone else has proven, not me. Einstein did a pretty good job of showing his theories. I can’t really show much or prove anything because I have no special theories written out on the blackboard, no papers, no photos, nothing but an unusual way of connecting the comics and the cosmic world. Some people just pass it off as imaginings. Today’s collage is mostly a run down of connections made from yesterday’s post, tying together some visuals from comics to words I used.

Today’s collage contains a Red & Rover text bubble that gives me today’s anagram. The text, “It’s ’cause the island has weird magnetic properties that manipulate time and space, thereby making it virtually invisible to the outside world.” My anagram reads, “Angel may be causing visions. It’s problematic to keep special relativity to a limit. He started with me, then under that rule I add up what’s inside.”  Who needs a theory? I have my own kinda’ proof.

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