my kitchen window

What’s the view out your kitchen window? What do you think about while you stand there? Is the window over a sink where you do dishes? Do you stand there sometimes just thinking? I want to know. A while back, January 30th as a matter of fact, I wrote in a post called “in defense of” about the view outside my kitchen window, it was about another subject. It isn’t for me to defend the view outside my window, though I will show the view, and you can think whatever you’d like. The neighbor has allowed the building to fall down, for whatever reason, and there is nothing for me to do about it. I can only take a photo. This is what it looked like when I took the photo during late winter:

I always wondered if I started the page if women would add their own view or write about standing at their kitchen window…and if so, would anyone be looking at something like this?  How does the view affect every day, and if thoughts are changed while standing there. I thought it would be a good thing to hear women’s stories, whatever they thought about while looking out their kitchen window. This is not the only kitchen window I have ever had, but it certainly is the most challenging. In my post I wrote:

“…the view out my kitchen window. I thought, that would be a nice venture, little risk. Ask women what hopes and dreams and thoughts have been thought while standing at their kitchen window. I took a picture outside my window, but thought people might find it too depressing. The building next door has been collapsing over a period of a few years, so some might think it isn’t very inspiring, but one has to be able to see the blessings in that.

Here’s the blessing in my story today. With all that the woman in the laundromat has to deal with I asked her how she stays positive. She seemed to have a decent attitude, and was happy to talk with us. She said, at one point in her life, when she was dealing with a drunkard husband, whom she was getting ready to divorce, three kids,  no job experience, etc., etc., she looked out her kitchen window and decided she needed to make that change for herself and her kids. Out her kitchen window.”

So I ask women (and men) to tell of their hopes and dreams, thoughts they have had while looking out their kitchen window. And if they have a photo that shows the view outside, that makes it even better.

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