carry the dreams

In my kitchen window post I uploaded one photo of the view outside my kitchen window. Depressing for the most part, but now with leaves filling in on the trees it isn’t so bad, and I can see birds on branches now and then. It’s funny, during the summer the sun shines into a room on the second floor and it looks like the room is ablaze. Eerie sometimes, the things I see.

Some people have told me the house was once a tavern, or a boarding house, but mostly it has just been left to the elements. I would love to own it, have enough money to bring it back to the glory it once had, and live in it. It looks abut the size I would like. Actually the guy started on the interior and put all new windows in, but it is hard to tell looking at the back of the house now that things are falling down. Just another dream.

The house I live in is falling down too, but I don’t own it and I cannot work on it in any order than what the owner wants, since so-and-so needs to be done before the next thing…so needless to say, nothing is getting done here either. Hard to tell which house is worse. Harder yet for me to believe I live here. I miss my old life and being able to do “weekend” projects.

I can image a two story sun-room on the back of that house, to fill in the L-shape. There is also another house between us, it is also falling in, same owner. No one has lived in either for years. At one point he was going to live here and tear the other building down to put in a garage. Just having the other building down would help. I don’t know why I like this old falling down place next door. I just can imagine myself living there and the lush garden that I could have between the two houses. I can dream can’t I? The person who owns the building has a beautiful garden downtown, I’m not sure what street. I wish I could assist him somehow, because his dreams must have fallen through, too, somewhere along the lines. I could be wealthy if wishes and dreams were money.

Meanwhile, I do what I can to continue landscaping here, little by little, digging out the yard with a shovel. In two years I have dug about 20 feet or so. I use only materials found for creating the patio or pathways between the vegetable and flower beds. I divide a lot of the plants I have. As mother’s day approaches I remember fondly my mother’s garden and how each year I would purchase something perennial for her garden. I miss her and the garden, and hope to someday have the kind of garden that she did, one where everyone was welcome to come, enjoy the colors and scents, and if so desiring, picking something to take home. I always had a garden where the neighborhood children could pick flowers for their mothers, or I could present a bouquet to a friend. I really miss giving that way.

Believe it or not, today’s anagram goes along with all this. The collage contains the text used and the anagram. The text is from Monty, “Don’t feel bad, only a handful of the world’s top physicists and two former star trek voyager writers fully comprehend the theory.” My anagram reads, “Bad views out my kitchen window, rear entry fell off, photographs don’t tell the full story, story of orphan deeds carry the dreams.”

Hmmm, whaddya’ think of that?

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