Exogenous means “introduced from or produced outside the organism or system; specifically : not synthesized within the organism or system”. Hard to say if I “get things” from inside or outside the system. I suppose it depends on one’s point of view, where you are in the scheme of things. My permalink says /2008/05/11/800 before giving it a title. My mind hears, call 1-800, all calls are toll free. You know it’s Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day, so call Mom and call God. I already talked to both this morning, since they are both in the same place.

I am in between church sessions now, having had my lunch and fed the beau. The neighbor was honored today for being the oldest mother in church today, so I got to carry home her beautiful geranium. She got to hold my umbrella and our Mother’s Day gifts from the church, each taking home a wash cloth which wrapped a bottle of soap/hand lotion. Actually I do appreciate the washcloth because washcloths were on my list of things I needed to buy from the dollar store this week. This one is much nicer than anything from the dollar store, and the idea was to have someone else wash the dishes today, giving Mom the day off. Well, the beau washed tin while I was at church, so I cooked and did dishes when I came back. He helped clean the house up some yesterday, which I appreciate as well.

It’s cold and rainy today. I started the day off picking up wet-in-the-dirt laundry that was blown off the line last night.  It can stay on the line for now, and when the weather clears I can wash those items that fell off again. It happens from time to time here. Looks like a rainy day for the most part. At least I got back from church without getting rained on while carrying a heavy plant.

I did a collage this morning but have not chosen an anagram from it yet, so that one will wait until later. I did do another one from yesterday’s collage. From Beetle Bailey the text, “Y’know, Sarge, Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well call me crazy, I do it all the time. it’s funny, when I got home from church this morning the beau had an Einstein quote on the desktop for me to read. He said it was spam he thought I would find interesting, saying it was a quote atttributed to Albert Einstein on Buddhism. It seemed a spammer was sending out some virus via some forums. Well, all I can say is paybacks are hell guys. Einstein has a way of getting around the internet from a place spammers can’t reach. Moving on…

Having done these anagrams yesterday from the Beetle Bailey text in yesterday’s post  I will share:

1.) “You’d think I interfered, a dragon governs in pieces…I’m sensing attendant shows again…extend life via a synergist.”  (slightly different than shown on the jpeg)

2.) “I agree, Sagan heard it’s given exogenously in intense process; I didn’t know it gravitates in many different hands.”

Ya’ think Einstein and Sagan hang out on the same plane somewhere now, as part of the “one” great consciousness? The things they must talk about…

Speaking of the great consciousness…I do believe that there is a way we all converse with those that have gone beyond but most of us just won’t admit there is a way because they are afraid someone will say it ungodly or something. I happen to believe the statement, “Jesus looked at them and said, “With men [it is] impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”  I mean I REALLY believe that statement! Maybe it is because of that I “get things” the way I do. I DO believe that God can make anything possible, even for me. I believe God put it all out there, and all I had to do was catch on. God’s bigger than all things.

The first Mother’s Day I had to celebrate the day without my mother on earth was the same day my ex-husband walked out. Just before he did so I was having a little “conversation” with my mother and we “agreed” on two signs, so I would always know she and God were there if I needed to talk. Let’s just say the two signs came in a physical form as I was transplanting something in the garden. It was supernatural, and gives me chills every time I think about it. Even on the worst day of my life, it was the best day because I made that connection first. This morning, as on many other days, I got my “sign” in the comics and it appears in today’s collage in two forms. It is always given twice so I know. God has never failed me in allowing me to feel His Presence or that of my earthly mother. What a wonderful gift I have been given!

Sci-Fi channel @ 2:18 PM:

“Western Union…you’re never far apart”, I hear on the commercial right before I publish the post.

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