It was one of those moments that makes one doubt for just a moment in time, what is real and what is something else. My neighbor, God love her, is 81. She has been going to the church down the street for a long time, and told me today that she noticed the church stained glass window was different. I looked at it on the way out of church and we discussed it on the walk home. She even asked the pastor and someone else on her way out if and when the glass was changed out. She said it was one large ship and now there are two ships in the design. For a moment I had to wonder what I remembered seeing there myself. The pastor said the window has been the same for over 25 years. The thing is, for me, there are two schools of thought. One is that she is mistaken and one is that she is correct.

I said to her, that being the church’s most elder member she might actually be privvy to a sign no one else has seen, but one I might be able to relate to somehow. She agreed that there are times when signs are given to certain individuals, but she also said she may just be slipping. I asked her what it would mean, bliblically, if in fact, the window had changed from one to two ships, and if she believed God could do anything, even to the point of making this the reality and making it so that no one else remembered there was a single ship in the window (rather than two) but her. Anything is possible. Some might call this magical thinking, but most would just say that the woman is indeed slipping…what if there is something else to it thought? Of course, I could be slipping too. 😉 She could have just had a vision so real, or a lapse in memory that caused her confusion. I think it is another one of those signs, actually.

The other day I included a comic strip reference to Fermat’s Last Theorem, which basically states, It is impossible to separate any power higher than the second into two like powers, and thus in a more visual way the window might depict that. Do you understand the connection? (“Do you understand”, I hear on the ION channel immediately after typing that, as though an echo. (Odysseus is on as I type @ 10:33pm) . A.D.D. is trying to take over, so I try to continue…

There is always that same theory in fiction, thus as copied from’s_last_theorem :
The famous problem in number theory known as “Fermat’s Last Theorem” has repeatedly received attention in fiction and popular culture.

  • In “The Royale“, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard states that the theorem had gone unsolved for 800 years. At the end of the episode Captain Picard says, “Like Fermat’s theorem, it is a puzzle we may never solve.” Wiles’ proof was released five years after the particular episode aired. This was subsequently mentioned in a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode called “Facets” during June 1995 in which Jadzia Dax comments that one of her previous hosts, Tobin Dax, had “the most original approach to the proof since Wiles over 300 years ago.” [1] This reference was generally understood by fans to be a retroactive continuity for “The Royale”.

Back to the connections. In a recent post there was this mention of comic strip text from Monty, “Don’t feel bad, only a handful of the world’s top physicists and two former star trek voyager writers fully comprehend the theory.” I used a Fermat’s Theorem comic in my collage in the a priori priorities post. From my exogenous post I seemed to have the number 800 in my head. I also mentioned the royal Paulownia, royal being an operative word. I connect things that are not always apparent, but they are seen.

Any photos I have of the church show the two ships in the window with one ship on the painted sign out front, next to that sign, at the moment, the words to the 40th Psalm, verse 1: “I WAITED patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry.” She asked why it would be today that she looked up there and thought the glass had been changed out? Why would she think she had seen a single ship? Why tell me? I could not answer her in any way other than to tell her about the Fermat’s Theory quote, and I have to admit, it didn’t really explain it too well. Sometimes she seems to understand what I am talking about, and sometimes not. Who does? Who am I to explain mystery or possibilities?

I had to wonder…Could it be that parallel universe thing? Sometimes it seems like there is more than one reality going on at the same time, and that we have these little blipps in time, hiccups, as it were, that allow us to be aware of another time and action, only slightly different than the reality in which we are generally aware? Parallels and a pair of ships. Of course, my neighbor is now concerned that the minister will think she is nuts. He might think so with her hanging around me, lol.

I actually believe the two ships window has been there for 25 years, but then again, there is something to the moment. You know, anything is possible.

“Please believe that it’s true,” I hear sung by Air Supply on a commercial.

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