Yes, I try again now that my hands are working a little better. Earlier today I could not function very well at the keyboard. Every single keystroke had to be deliberated and still I was missing many letters, so it took me quite a while to post. I posted about connections in the comics regarding China’s earthquake. It is sometimes difficult to post these kinds of posts under normal conditions, let alone when my body conspires against me. I must continue anyway, albeit in intervals.

There is an anagram in the collage from the text, “It’s a physical impossibility to sing train songs at anything less than top volume!” This anagram follows many in the nexus, and relates to others recently. It says, “To put simply, nothing’s impossible. All say it’s strange that I got any China visions!” Hmmm, do you think it is strange? Not if you have been following my blog more than a week.

There are times I wish I could say something about such events prior to them happening, but you know, what would I say and to whom? No one would pay attenton to some woman who says the events of the world are written in the comic strips and all you have to do is anagram them. If you want prophecy go see a prophet or a psychic. I am just a common woman with three kids, a couple of dogs, a cat and a weird way of looking at things. Well, someone might believe there is more to all this anagramming than I let on, especially if they see how many times a week I do this from random comic strip text bubbles. Like I’ve said, there is always hesitation about putting these kinds of anagrams up, thus I generally do so after the fact then you will see (generally) that the text was already in my file or collage in some form or another. Like a place holder, you see it, but you don’t know what you see.

It’s alien for me sometimes too. This anagram thing of mine, a language of some sort, is just that, like dealing with aliens. It doesn’t come with a translator, no voices, no real pictures before my eyes, just a knowing of some kind, and you have to be able to translate it as it comes to you. In my case it comes to me in many different forms or mediums because so many things have gone before my eyes in my life. It is based on what I have seen or heard or felt or experienced, that ‘s what makes it personal (where some would say my personal God) and there are many symbols from which to choose. God knows all I have ever heard or seen or felt or experienced, so what better way to communicate things. Sometimes it is specific only to the event and entails more thought. Sometimes it is spelled out so beautifully one must wonder where it comes from and how they can do the same thing It’s the ultimate change-up code, as it always changes.

I was reading an opinion today, called the Neural Buddhists and had to think about that which so many experts say is the result of some physical problem, my believing I am talking to or receiving messages from God, or aliens or the whole earth consciousness, anyplace but within my own head. I suppose I could ask my doctor to check for certain physical anomalies that would say where these anagrams come from, but I kinda’ doubt that will explain anything. Nothing has shown up yet to explain or convict me as a crazy person. Yet there are times when the outside world and my body are so much in sync that you would say we are one. I know it sounds crazy, but more than likely, to borrow a phrase from the article, “in unexpected ways, science and mysticism are joining hands and reinforcing each other.” What else could you call it…since it is way past coincidence and synchronicity.

Earlier I had difficulty typing so I cut it short. I suppose I should still keep it short so I can change my position in the chair. I am sorry there is nothing I or anyone can or could do to change that which has occurred recently in nature, and my anagrams just aren’t going to do it either. I cannot do that for many reasons, and nothing that I am going through can compare to the ravages people across the world have endured as a result of nature’s full force. Why do I put it out there at all? So people know that it was already inthe cards, to some extent, and there was nothing they could do about it. I read an article about conspiracy theories today, at , and thought one of the comments said it perfectly when he wrote, “If incredibly someone knew an earthquake was coming, there are still 30milion people in Chongqing city alone, what are you going to do? Ask them to wait outside?”

I can only pray they are able to make it through such an ordeal and will be able to heal their spirits as well as their bodies. Many won’t make it, yet they too, must be remembered in our prayers.

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