On Sunday I kept seeing a “segmented dragon” in my head. It was a symbol. I did find this simple explanation online, The Rong is a segmented Dragon, having twelve sections to symbolize the twelve months of the year. Area mythology tells us they control weather and always carry a chau (gem) in their open mouths, which is a symbol of knowledge, nobility, and humanity.” Symbols are tell-tale signs that have been used for centuries, but I am no expert in symbols, and oftentime the meaning of symbols changes for me. Like I said…I am no expert.

I copied a photo or two from the net: one is a dragon head and the other depicting the double dragon dance in Chongqing, China.

Sunday was one of those days when I had a lot of things in my head, and I did more than one post. I also kept getting something about the dragon so I re-did the anagrams I had. The text I used is from the collage I had done in a May 10th collage. I did some other anagrams which were posted but these were not posted. In the exogenous post I wrote: “From Beetle Bailey the text, “Y’know, Sarge, Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well call me crazy, I do it all the time. it’s funny, when I got home from church this morning the beau had an Einstein quote on the desktop for me to read. He said it was spam he thought I would find interesting, saying it was a quote atttributed to Albert Einstein on Buddhism.” At that point I already had made a connection to Einstein and Buddhism and a day of signs.

From the text, ““Y’know, Sarge, Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” came these anagrams as well. (Realize that I am writing these after the fact that an itnense earthquake has occurred in China.) Three anagrams:

1.) “I sensed dragon’s land in pieces, it’s via earth’s energy…government extending a hand, I know you get it, it’s in affairs.”

2.) “Monday I sense dragon, Sichuan lands at stake, if I see it answer given in text, it proves finding God in earth energy.”

 3.) “Heard it groan often , know it’s intensity is great, many are dead, if China’s dividing next, glass seen proves genuine.”

As I have said the earth is trying to tell us something. On April 28th I decided to follow a certain depth on the earthquake RSS , writing in the blog (st-range):

“I signed up for the USGS 2.5+ earthquake RSS last week because of a feeling about a certain depth at which earthquakes are happening, namely depth of 10 miles more or less (10.00 km (6.21 mi). I based the need to watch on the depth of one in the midwest  that I mentioned recently and activity off the coast of Oregon. I am not geologist or scientist but occasionally I notice patterns or non-patterns that some might not because they seem so inconsequential. Everything has purpose so I have a tendency to at least make a mental note.”

It was that number I kept seeing on the earthquake RSS, the specific number “10.00 km” that had caught my attention.  I see things in patterns. This is a definite pattern:

There is nothing I can do about it though. There is a strange butterfly effect happening. I am having difficulty typing. I went to the hospital on Monday because of numbness in my face and left side. I still am having difficulty, and many letters are not working on the keyboard now. More tests are scheduled, but my hands are not working very well right now. I must end this post. I can only do so much. My prayers are for those in China who must now deal with an unpreventable natural event.

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