There is a riverfront festival in downtown Madison, Indiana this weekend which includes storytelling and music. May 16th & 17th – Ohio River Valley Folk Festival Admission is charged, it runs Friday, 5:30PM to 10:30PM,  and Saturday, Noon to 10:30PM. It’s only the third year for the festival so I hope it gets better every year and becomes a real draw, maybe a little like the one my sister and I used to go in Jonesboro, Tennessee. She did tell me a friend of hers is telling at the festival here, but I could not promise to be able to go.

I went to the doctor’s this morning but he said nothing conclusive is in my test results or symptoms, so I will be getting a carotid doppler and EEG in another week.  I have had definite numbness and tingling in the left side, and some difficulty with the fingers working, so it is more than my imagination. I am just tired of not being able to do my gardening and driving, etc, but for the most part I still consider myself healthy. It could be worse, and I would just rather not go there, thank you very much. I am just trying to take it easy for now, and maybe when it stops raining for a day I can go back and continue where I left off, but sans the numbness. No, “crock” is not the word for my symptoms, but this is today’s sign, a comic strip sign which is part of the Crock comic today.

The Sci-fi channel is on as I type and the beau is asleep. I looked up when I heard the characters say “sea of glass”, and saw they had the bible in their hands (Threshold, episode Revelations). I had not been paying attention until then. They were talking about the divine plan, end of the world stuff, an earthquake, and the “sea of glass” (Rev. 4:6 “Before the throne there was a sea of glass, like crystal.”). From what I could gather there were alien crystals in a garden and I think the alien was the priest on this one. Is that why the Pope has decided that belief of the existence of aliens is OK?. Nothing like a little science fiction to relate to possibilities in real life?

Anyway…I looked at some of my posts from last month and saw that on the 25th I wrote a little about causalities, “the relation between a cause and its effect or between regularly correlated events or phenomena.”  April 26th was one of those days that I did not post, though I did post the day after. Now and then I look at those things. I also noticed in a chinaview post an Epoch Times story on April 26th, about a pond that drained itself (Guanyin Tang) in a matter of hours, which could have been one of those causalities. On the 28th I used a comic collage which included an illustration with the words plate tectonics and another with Lassie at the blackboard trying to tell people something (possibly?) and then skipped a couple of days of posting again. That is unusual for me and I see I explained that somewhat in my post “text fore telling” which had anagram text about the Santiago volcano eruption (“…on first, motion in earth imminent, near Santiago, Chile, Chaiten volcano begins erupting….”

I also noticed that on the 27th I had my lowest ever blog viewing. Why?  Who knows. I don’t really have that many visitors to my blog anyway. I don’t have real catchy titles or beginning sentences, and the anagrams are not something everyone understands I guess. I did write a post, though, and that is the day I changed my avatar from the brain in the jar to a cartoon-like critter for a few days before just going with a photo. I wanted a few changes on the site.

I remember having something in my anagrams offline about vibration, earthquakes, volcanoes and saw in the collage part of an anagram said, “vibration rippled through alignment”. I did not follow-up much on it at that point. It seems to me that there are always signs out there, but it would make you crazy to try to decipher every one.

 Today’s horoscope: Capricorn

Someone whispers in your ear (metaphorically, most likely) and you pick up a bit of data that should fit quite a bit of what you know into a new perspective. Take the time to figure it all out.


Yeah, I’ll do that.

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