point up

Anima, archetype…Oh Annie! The king is making his way from the jungle to the big city in today’s Annie comic strip. I just decided on my random pick for anagramming and chose the middle frame…and now that I see what was anagrammed I understand why it is a good choice.

The strip’s text says, “I suppose I should call first! But no! My errand is far too important! I’ll just go over and knock at his door right now!” The anagram is. “At first I thought dragons in China must be mistakes…prove OORT’s door and I’ll join royal’s point up for world luck.”

Well…what can I say? You see the illustration shows the king is pointing up.

The dragons in China must refer to the previous post called segmented which has a couple of photos from Wikipedia on it. I read “this” (what has just come up in the anagram) as a clarification of sorts, by choosing the dragons of Chongqing, I was shown where things were in the nexus. Good for some, not good for others. I am reading comic strip anagrams here folks. You tell me what it should say if you got something better. It ain’t science. I also posted in the entry (like i said)  that the tree in the yard that was in full bloom is called a royal princess, or Chinese empress tree. I just make the connections.

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