rong is right

I got this anagram, “shock could work… if Pope says it’s ok, believe in aliens, just call that an invitation for now. Lord’s radio is important, I pull up “rong” story-found both dragons-it’s right! Grandmother Oort has a custom mirror, just look up; find Lord” using the Annie-gram text from my last post called “point up” (by doubling these words, “I suppose I should call first but no my errand is far too important i’ll just go over and knock at his door right now.”)

If this post is confusing you go back to read the last few, and it will all come together much better. It can’t get much more plain.

I have certainly enjoyed the Pope-Vatican chatter. Here’s the RSS feed for aliens. You’ll see my anagram (and today’s horoscope from the post) fits right in.

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