eruptive connections

No scientist, I am only an individual who puts together observations…today I made a connection between this photo of solar prominence on 5-12-08 and these photos taken of the sky in China on 5-12-08, as found on Chinaview’s wordpress blog.

I thought I would ask someone else for a little info, so I wrote to Stephen Ames of Hodgenville, Kentucky, whose links were on the spaceweather site ( who said he had seen the eruptive prominence ( twice today ) on the 12th. Seemed like a good place to start this little connect-the-dots-series of mine. This particular nexus has been going on a while, at least since my st-range post about starting to follow the earthquake RSS at the end of last month, due to one of my “feelings” that something big was coming.

The e-mail conversation to Mr. Ames went like this:

I asked, “do you have the time that you took the photos of the eruptive prominence of 5-12-08. ( I am looking to see if there is a connection to photos taken of the sky in China. thank you”
He wrote back with, From 1205z – 1242z…”
Then I asked, No scientist, only an individual who puts together observations…is there a connection between prominences and these photos taken of the sky in China on 5-12-08 just before the 7.9 earthquake??? Seems all things are connected.”

To which he said, The sun wouldn’t cause that, BUT, check the lunar calendar, was it a full moon?…If so, the gravitational pull is the greatest from the moon and sun…The recent earthquake we had here in KY was on the full moon as well as the previous one in 1980…I doubt it will ever be considered the ‘sole’ cause, but I believe it’s at least contributory…”

**I checked the lunar schedule
First Quarter: Sunday May 11 at 11:47 p.m.
I said, “I have been making some odd connections and yes, part of it came through the earthquake in KY, because I noticed the pattern in earthquakes reported at the depth of 10km, are you sure it is not possible that gases emitted from the eruptive prominence could not appear in the earth’s sky as shown in those photos…seems odd to me, but what do I know, lol. What else produces that type of effect in the sky, isn’t it magnetism or something, where else or to whom else can I pose the question? I appreciate info…”

He replied, If the plasma was expelled and aimed at the earth, it could trigger Aurora’s and if strong enough, possible short term localized blackouts(very worse case scenario)…The gravitational effects are probably the only ones that the sun directly influences unless when the solar wind really whips our magnetic field around, if there is any geological effects…I am not aware of any correlations, but I am so far from a scientist  LOL” 

Welll, you know me… answered, “I will put it “out there” as one of many connections that, not being a scientist, I cannot explain but believe are connected. All things are connected somehow and considering we are but 8 minutes from the sun (more or less) science does not always give an explanation to one’s perception down here. I have a tendency to see things different so will blog it as connect-the-dots-how-one-would-like kinda’ thing. Do you mind if I use your unscientific explanation, prefer to include your comments as an anonymous individual or what, lol.”

To which he replied, Nah, feel free!…Please send me link so I can follow discussion if possible…I’m a sponge for knowledge as well!”

I warned him…”I warn you I am not one whose blog is well followed, so I doubt there would be “discussion”. I just make weird connections, mostly via anagrams and what I see, but I will send you the link when I post.

Maybe he’ll laugh when he reads this, but for some of us, not all things are easily explained. I am always trying to learn so if there is a more scientific explanation, I would like to hear it. I just don’t always accept the scientific explanation as the last word.

The earthquake occurred Monday, May 12, 2008 06:28:00 UTC (Monday, May 12, 2008 02:28:00 PM at epicenter) Depth: 10.00 km (6.21 mi) and the prominence occurred between 9:13-10:01 UT (which I think is about a 7 hour difference. According to the webpage on which I found the photos of the sky above China, the photos were taken about an hour before the earthquake. So, though math is not my forte, I still think there is something to all this.

In my head “this” all comes across to me visually like lightning bolts, from the ground up and from the clouds down. Magnetism has a lot to do with what goes on here on and in the earth as well as out there. Ten kilometers is one connection, and animals cannot explain what sets them off, though it is obvious that something does… something does. I am just another “animal” who seems affected in ways I cannot explain, too. I do have a tendency toward strange observations.

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