scientific image

Today I am going to teach you the difference between science and magic!” Hmmm, really!??? How about this…”today, I touch a few among you by scientific image…a few get attention each day, the coded comic referenced sentience; begin to engage each mind.” Sounds like a collective consciousness thing to me, waddya’ think? Once again, for today’s anagram, I chose a random comic strip text, doubled it, then anagrammed for one thought. This follows up the previous posts visually and contextually.

Today’s collage contains the part of the comic (strip called grumpy grumpy brand new today) that gave me the text bubble. Notice the character is pointing?

On my last post I did links to photographs and made some scientific connections, still leaving room for my own interpretation, as usual. I have been referencing sentience more lately…believing that sentience has many forms. As long as one does not limit themselves, there is no limit as to what is possible.

Look at it this way. If there are others out there or here (and I would love to know how exactly the Pope came to his conclusion, lol) “they” are so far advanced over us that we probably couldn’t recognize them as being “intelligent”. Well, I could recognize them, I’m sure.  😉


You can only imagine what they must think of us.


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