4 to 6

There is a part of the Pickles comic strip today where the child is asked what 4 to 6 means when he is asked how old he is. In my midweek post I mentioned I did not post on 4-26, one of the few days I missed thus far since beginning this blog. Four to six is the time I planned to go to the festival today, to hear the two storytellers my sister said she knows and wants me to hear. Depending on the weather and how I feel, I may attend from 4 to 6. 4 to 6 was just the size shown in someone’s underwear in the comic strip. 

Sometimes things are what they are.

I did my collage for the day, seeing it is all relevant to the past week’s events, and from the comics I chose the text from Agnes to anagram. “Odd things happen…strange things happen…sometimes things that are odd and strange…but we felt we were overstepping our spiritual place in the world by pretending to have any good explanations for them.” I turned that text into one anagram for this post, “What happened in planet on twelfth betters our understanding of the world’s vibration. It got people scared to pray up to Him; message growing, Omega’s heavenly spirit extended hand.”

I know some people don’t believe this sort of stuff.

Probably believe it less coming from an anagram from comic strip text bubbles.

Probably think this little collage means nothing too….

but then, maybe some DO believe there is something out there

trying to tell us something.

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