an NBC night

Our digital TV is out, so as I began writing this we were straining to see a very fuzzy Dateline NBC show on the TV, this segment about UFO’s. This single TV channel does not come in very well at all, but we can hear it and see most of it. Figures this show would be on. If the digital was working this channel would not be on. Though I went to church this morning I wasn’t feeling up to the evening service and tailgate dinner party after the service. I am having a bout with reflux and kidney pain, so just trying to rest at home. The Office is on next, not a show I normally watch, so I try to involve myself in the internet rather than the TV.

I did my anagram of the day using text in my comics collage. Yesterday I attended the Madison Folk Festival to listen to the storytellers (wrote about in my last post, science of cents) and found references to one of them in the anagram. Using the text, “You’re asking me not to reveal the existence of the creature out of gratitude” gave me this anagram, “Text used if out alone four to seven, might agree to take three Creacy routine.” I was out yesterday, alone, from 4 to 7, and did come home with three Cds.

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