what’s an a worth

Where was I? Oh yeah, God winked this morning in the middle of my comics and I got sidetracked a while. I went back to my daily comics and collected a few more for this post. Today’s Buckets comic strip kinda’ continues where I left off earlier in my collage in the previous post (a=godwink). I also call these cosmic brownies. Hmmm, I have a post called that too, come to think of it. Trying to keep this short but I need to write out the text in the collage: “Unique by name, unique by nature. I’m not like anybody else. There’s no one quite like me. I…Oh. I’m very surprised you think that. Because it’s unlikely? Unplugged. Because it shows self-awareness. I turn the dial to ‘A’, he becomes an apple. POOF! You think it’s some kind of statement? I’m just saying…Pay attention and you shall witness the miracle of science firsthand! I think A is nearby…to tell you the truth I really don’t give A s. Oh, like yesterday doesn’t count?! What’s an “A” really worth? I’ve got a brownie here.” Kinda’ conversational isn’t it?

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