Published: May 26, 2008 PASADENA, Calif. — ­ NASA’s Phoenix Mars spacecraft appears to have made a safe landing on Mars. Appears? Well, it’s not like they can see it, for now there is a radio signal only, but a good place to start. I look forward to hearing more about the Phoenix and what it finds “up there”. Well, congrats NASA…let’s hope for a real good adventure. Maybe a few aliens will come into view of the cameras this time.  😉  (You know, this is the 2nd story I referenced today that was published the 26th; I had to check what day it was.)
The Phoenix must’ve landed while I was at church tonight. There was a little tailgate party after church and though the fellowship is nice nothing on the table was in my current diet plan, including what I brought. It certainly gives me an idea what to bring next time. Maybe a nice pea salad, or my famous spinach/baby greens salad with fruit and nuts, something GREEN! I am sure the fare was fine for most everyone else, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips of all sorts, macaroni, brownies, cookies, but once you decide you can live without those things it is hard to think about entire meals like that. You know, even when I had people over to my house all those years, with kids too, I made sure there were plenty of greens, veggies and fruit. I felt bad when I heard the party was tonight because I had no money to go to the store so I couldn’t buy anything to put together, and all I had in the house were cranberries, bananas, and pineapple to make a jello salad. Oh well. I did what I could do. Maybe I shouldn’t be so picky.
Anyway…as promised, this is today’s collage and anagram.
The comic strip Knight Life gave me the text for tonight’s anagram. I used two of the frames and inserted a part of Cathy into the second frame, finding it went even better there after I anagrammed the text,”Imagine the prespective of this great being. I wonder what it would think if it could.” My anagram says, “We had OTHER big hint…wonder if Einstein would pick that time…I’ve got peculiar gifts.” If you look at “Cathy” in my collage she is looking at a book called OTHER. In my previous post (real cerebral) I wrote, “I did not post yesterday; it’s sort of a peculiar pattern of mine…” so was not too surprised that the word peculiar came up in the anagram here, nor that there was a “time” reference.  And it’s still the 25th here as I finish my post, but check back tomorrow anyway.
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