an A.D.D. day

Wave3 listens live today had a “dinosaur discussion” on this morning, mentioning the IMAX movie Dinosaurs Alive! Since yesterday I had my “Walk the Dinosaur” connection going- this makes sense today.

I have had terrible A.D.D. this morning, so I went outside to sit on a stool and pull weeds, figuring that was the least trouble I could get into. A little while later  (back in at the computer at that point) the beau let the Chihuahua outside and then yelled to me to go outside quick. There was my old, fat, blind dog wandering in the middle of the state route (funny, the Wave3 host mentioned runaway dogs as I typed that). Fortunately the person driving the next  vehicle saw the dog on the road, slowed down and then stopped, and no one was coming from the other direction. I ran out to pick him up, as he had crossed the street and was back on the sidewalk as I got to him.  Could have been a bad day. Obviously the dog needs to be watched at this point whenever he is let out.

Continuing from the post ackalacka I have another anagram, using the first four text bubbles. The anagram reads, “Why shouldn’t everyone believe what he chooses? My friend hears God-language…I had to help her before I see how people eye our text.” Sounds like some alien-speaking about a friend.  😉  Well, waddya’ think of that? In this mini-collage you see a Pickles bubbles which says, “To each his own.” One thing flows to the next around here.

Back to the comics, I need to finish today’s collage and anagrams.

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