toon monkey

Earlier I wrote about my dog being in the middle of the street (an A.D.D. day) having had his life spared by the grace of God. Pretty much, if an animal goes into the street here it will get hit. So you can imagine that the dog was lucky today. Apparently God was looking out for him. I did my comics collage and anagram. IMagine, the anagrams are all about that lucky dog. The text used is in the collage: “And they use some kind of code! Kids! Their language is eroding and nobody cares, they don’t even know how to write anymore. Writing’s become a lost art!”

The anagrams:

1.) “Rare as toon monkeys I re-worked the dog’s life timer, sentient buddies see a car could’ve hit my dog, nobody was watching at door, no one knew anything.”
2.) “Many sentients see, know of only one thing to do… a car could’ve hit the dog, no body  was watching, buddies may not see, time is re-worked, a rare king order.”

We do feel very blessed that little Peanut is still with us, and I guess I must be a toon monkey.


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