10 km

Another earthquake, another reference shows up in the collages and daily comics I turn into anagrams. Gee, what a surprise so I will just blame the aliens. It would be different if there was a science to it. Maybe someday I will be able to explain this stupid little theory of mine so it makes sense.  Would you have picked the text for today’s anagrams? Maybe, if you knew what you were looking for, but then the subconscious is doing all the work, not the active conscious mind. I know nothing about nothing. I just document what I find, my unusual observations must serve some kind of science.

Today’s anagrams are related. They come from Brewster Rockit text, “But the posts are random, and incoherent, this one is…just the letters “S” repeated over and over. It’s obvious a monkey typed this” Yeah, another toon monkey out there somewhere gave me just the right text to anagram.

1. “I suspect that they’re not in a very jovial mood, I better think hard about posts, some even use open-ended orders in the stars.”

2.) “Didn’t move over there yet…suppose they’re serious about distant observations, another one jars Iceland, hits ten km depth.”

Meanwhile, I still have no TV but one local channel, so whatever is going on in the world comes in dribbles over the internet to me.

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