A quote attributed to Albert Einstein gave the text to anagram today, “Religion consists of a humble admiration for the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail minds.” I missed posting yesterday, due to tests at the hospital again, so here is yesterday’s collage and anagrams. Actually the last comic strip in this collage is from today’s selection, but when I saw it went with the anagram from text chosen yesterday, I decided to put it into the collage after that particular comic. I am sure you can see why as the comic uses the text “illiterate”: The anagram from Einstein’s quote gave me this, “Illiterate men will read Bible truth well enough if it’s familiar; this said, some miracles might happen in, for, or to us, or even be lost…if Lord’s voice is a whisper I hear it!” It reads a little different than in the collage.

Today’s collage is a bit more obscure but I will tie it into the neuxs and do it another post.


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