lil’ dif

Seti at home…it’s been a while since I had “the client” on my computer desktop…and I was thinking about it but decided I would wait a little while even though my computer runs all the time anyway. I do kinda’ miss the “triplets” and ever-marching bands of color but I have enough going on the computer at the moment. It still crosses the mind though. The collage brought it to the forefront today.

My collage was kinda’ interesting today in that the other day when I used part of a comic strip with the girl holding a comb (3 pm post) and in my thinking, thought of it as a pen…bringing me to today’s reference. If you look at the (Monty) text in the collage today there is a reference to a pen, and if you look at the photo of a “COMB” marker you see letters crossed off. The marker says, “U.S.Geological Survey, bench mark, for information write the director Washington, D.C.” The words “cooperation with the state” are X’d over. It also says “elevation above (+ inside a triangle) sea ____feet. COMB 1950.

I ain’t ‘splaining nuttin’ ‘cept my anagram comes from the following text, “There’s a ton of knowledge stored in my brain, I can feel it! I just have to get to it somehow!” That anagrammed to this, “Getting to know location of his men wasn’t the easiest job you had…letter verified more.” Like I said, just making a few connections via a little anagram fun, nuttin’ more.  😉



For the heck of it I did a “comb” search  of my own blog prior to posting. I found the one post where I mentioned:

“My mom used to say, “if the aliens were watching us right now, what do you think they would think about that?” My mom had an unusual perspective on life, from the time she got on her hands and knees to see the world from our perspective to the day she left this planet, it was always a little different. It meant something. I have a picture in the kitchen, two roosters standing next to each other, one has a regular red rooster “comb” and the other a hair comb atop it’s head with the words, “Dare to be Different” on it. 



I figured it was time to put the poster up.

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