a mundane monday

Using the last comic strip in the collage I have two anagrams from the text, “Science belongs in bottles where it can best be observed! Not running willy nilly wherever it pleases.”  I found these interesting…

1.) “Bible shows answers between lines, string theory never been living better, LOL, tally up coincidences!”

Well, string theory has always been one of my favorite theories…

2.) “When Christ calls we bring Bible…I’ve only given loci by Dealton Bennett, we interpret seer’s lesson.”

Dealton Bennett is an interesting neighbor of mine; I doubt he would mind me mentioning his name. I met him a couple of years ago when I introduced myself to him when I first moved to Madison and asked him about a piece of property of his. I wanted permission to walk amid the ruins of the old building that sits on the property and he was quick to give me permission. I enjoyed chatting with him a few minutes but have not been back to see him, though I have often said I would like to stop by, just talk about him and his tugboats, etc. He was a guy I liked immediately though I have heard some find him a bit brusque. I just thought he was a “character”. Oh, I doubt he would remember me, but he might. He owns the tugboat service nearby, and is currently at odds with the city about some RV lots he rents out, and that is something I have never had a problem with so I look forward to being at the meeting to give a thumbs up to that which is nearest to where I live. I know people have a problem RV lots close into town, but that which “affects” me is not an issue. Anyway, his name is in my anagram, as a clarifier I suppose. Science stuff, you know. And yeah, I saw there were some LDS guys by yesterday, but I didn’t talk to them.

The collage is, as usual, part of the dailies previously mentioned, with an unusual take on aliens, if ya’ get it.

Too tired for much else tonight. Been working in the yard today. Sliced my pinky knuckles through with a wine glass today as I cleaned it, so that was no fun, and it makes it hard to type.

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