found things

One thing found in my garden the other day is “related” to a news story that came out today, Guns missing from HAFB are found. According to this source, 12 M-16 rifles were lost between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday. The story and my army man are not really “connected” but in some ways neither are many other things I write about or find in the comics. They just seem to be part of a never-ending “string” of things. It is one of those things I find an interesting coincidence in life, funny like some of the items found in my yard.

Tiddly winks are a favorite found in the garden beds. I have found marbles and pennies, too, so I know there used to be children around. I found the “army” man in the front yard when I moved the birdbath the other day. Good thing I found him when I did, since the deluge that came through would have washed him away for sure.  😉

I think he used to be in the birdbath, or at least he was the last time I saw him. I actually knew he was someplace in the yard but it has been a while since I saw him. I did a lot of weeding the other day, so it was kinda’ funny to find him where I did.

I have to wonder how many people, in say another ten years, will even know what (Tiddledy Winks) tiddly winks are/were. The definition of tiddlywinks kinda’ makes me wonder if it has anything to do with me getting an MRI (she says in a macabre stretch of coincidence). Tiddlywinks are a game whose object is to snap small disks from a flat surface into a small container  😉  Oooh. Just the thought makes one shudder. Back to tiddlying, as if there were such a word. Reminds me that years ago my mom, her friend, and I had a little antique booth in an antique mall in Cincinnati. My mom and her friend called it Tom Tiddler’s Ground. I have to admit, my mother certainly saw things differently than most. According to the definition it is “an ancient children’s game”. Guess that’s why my mom knew about it, she was an ancient. Oh yes, I remember all the running we used to do in the games of tag, keep away, physical “invader” games…those were the days.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, today’s horoscope reads, “All of your mental energy today is focused on one person — maybe a family member, maybe a customer or maybe someone entirely off your radar usually. It should work out for the best.

Hmmm, maybe it already did work out for someone’s best.

Stuff to do, back later with collages, anagrams, etc., etc. and yes, the army guy from this post and last post will be in one of the collages, too.

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