play on…

“Do you think that was just a cute play on words” revealed “Told that Jesus would say just stay on path, what you pick counts and I OK what you’re drawn to.” That’s from using all the letters twice from the text in the larger collage in the post in the mind, huh?

Interesting enough. Shall I continue?

The anagram for today is in the collage below, from  the strip Annie. Two text bubbles in one frame are used, “You guys really do speak the same language, huh?” [and] “Well, his is a rather more archaic tongue—but yes! We are clearly of the same tribe!” Nice anagram kinda’ goes with all this, “Reaching others by a comic dialogue was pure genius, they really talk; you use a free-thought marble we saw other years, all the same.”

OK, got that? Here’s today’s collage:

I hope you feel it was worth the wait. Notice how my little army guy fits right into the middle of the comics collage today? It’s a little stretch to connect to a previous post from here, but you can try to go back a few to get it. The last illustration came from a picture online called tiddlywinks. Things do all go together, you know. You just have to be able to see. today’s finds and found things connect him and the news to this collage. Someone tossed something and then…

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