today’s finds

In yesterday’s post (in the mind, huh?) I wrote that the doctor had ordered an MRI test for next week. I am already anxious about it because of my claustrophobia and the last experience I had with an enclosed MRI left me extremely uncomfortable. I even had some difficulty with the open MRI test last year because of the contraption they put over my face. I asked for a towel over my face (after they put that thing there) which helped. did smile when I saw today’s Shoe comic strip which was about an MRI test. I will work on de-sensitizing myself this week. I really need to be able to get through the test without freaking out. I have been suspecting all along (since November of 2006) that the disc in my neck are either deteriorating somewhat or pinching a nerve, to explain many of the symptoms I have had. This is the first time the doctor has thought there may be something to it. Let’s hope there is something simple, easily fixed, that will explain everything. Meanwhile, I have to wear an event monitor for a month. Oh boy.

Connecting more dots, I’m putting more life and toons synchronicities together today, another catch-up day, more or less though these are today’s cartoons.  I sometimes marvel at the “next click” connections that I get.

Here’s one from “outer space” (Picture of the Day) called Here Comes the Flood (on the 4th). It’s not about aliens, just a “coincidence” of the photo of the day more than anything. Part of my job is to notice these things though.

I wrote about Madison’s little deluge on the 4th. One of today’s comic strips reminded me of a news photo showing vehicles partially submerged downtown. I noticed one of the buildings signs says plumbing, too, which I found interesting. I did see a plumbing toon, but kinda’ glossed over it.

I am working on something in particular in today’s collage, which is finished but I am looking for a news story that may correspond with something I found in the garden the other day. It’s not the first time I have run across these things. Here’s a hint:I know I have been promising anagrams from a post yesterday, but still haven’t done those, let alone selected any text for today’s. I have two collages for later though.

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