The closest I could come to explaining “the hammock wigglies”, those little air skimmers I see sometimes while gazing (only outside on a sunny day when I look at the sky or light backgrounds) was on this page of examples of blue field entoptic phenomenon (otherwise known as Scheerer’s phenomenon). I don’t hallucinate so I figure it’s just normal stuff. I have seen these before (leukocytes), but that’s not what I am trying to explain. I tried examples of visual snow but that’s not it either. I have nothing “fixed” in the visual field, nor are there floaters, well there are a few now and then, but that’s not it. I just have luminescent wiggles, no dots, geometric shapes, nothing racing back and forth, just little squigglies that make me feel like I am viewing shimmering ions. Oh, I know, we can’t see those with the naked eye now can we? As usual I just can’t fit it into one nice neat little box. But it gives me enough info to think on. Maybe just an unusual form of scintillation…of some sort.  😉


I spent a full half hour in my cardboard MRI mockup today. So I know I can lie still long enough (another kind of wiggly, eh?). I had only the top 2/3 of my body inside, and I was at a slight uphill level, too. But it is farther along than I was two days ago!!! I am sure my face was not nearly as close to the “ceiling” as it will be in the real machine, either, but…Hey! I’m trying here.

I already posted a collage and anagram earlier.

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