= not the most important of the day.

Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish. Yeah, so.  The hundredth monkey has gone ’round a few times, no doubt. Just because humans have just now “discovered” something doesn’t mean it hasn’t been going on a while. This is just one more example of how little humans know, or what they are aware of in the environment in which they live. It can’t be that big a news story when the photo is from Sept. 2007. Maybe it is just a warning to us that we need to think of not only ourselves as survivor species but that “others” might be doing so as well. With all that is going on in the world these days, one must wonder what that really means.

More news…you still can’t take it with you, but this is close: Companies Promise CEOs Lavish Posthumous Paydays. Some folks are lucky to get the body buried at today’s prices, but that won’t be a problem for those hard-working CEO’s whose death benefits amount to a couple of hundred million. Obviously I live on a different planet where dying doesn’t pay so well.

Now that the summer season is upon us, tomatoes are on the do not eat list because of salmonella. There’s always something. You know, I’m Italian. I cannot imagine no tomatoes whatsoever. I’ve had to cut back as it is because of reflux, but I plan on having a BLT this week, so it’s a good thing there are those “on-the-vine” types available (and on sale this week too!). My tomatoes aren’t producing yet in the garden, but by this time next month I will have to start cooking them down and freezing them.

It seems there is nothing but bad news in the world, and sometimes the alternate universe news seems a lot more promising. There was some good news amidst the bad that I have been reading about in China. I read that many people in the “quake lake” area were moved in preparation for the inevitable rush of water that would flood towns below. Many lives have been spared by the work; “China ordered soldiers and police to work nonstop for four days”. However it was done, more than half the 66 billion gallons of water was drained off, so surely, hundreds of thousands of people are better off now.

There are many things for which to be thankful today. I’ll put that one on the top of my list.

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