a methuselah

Since yesterday my post was on tree-hugging, I was pleased to read that a Judean date palm tree sprouted from 2,000-year-old seed is doing well. It hasn’t been sexed yet, and I am unsure what that means down the road for it, but it all sounds interesting enough. This four-foot high youngster was sprouted in 2005 from a seed recovered from Masada, as part of the Middle Eastern Medicinal Plant Project.  I liked the quote, “Raising the dead is very difficult, so it’s better to preserve them before they become extinct.” Yeah, even if one seed at a time, I suppose. An update on the tree known as Methuselah is promised tomorrow in Science Magazine. Cool.

“It came from Florida.” Sounds like a horror movie about retirees. Ma, where did I park the old flying saucer? Actually, there’s a boast out there about a “New Flying Saucer” [that] Runs on Plasma. Sorry, no choice of colors yet for your “wingless electromagnetic air vehicle”, and not sure how long the wait is for one, but I have to wonder what that fuel will cost at the local fuel stop. Probably not too much, considering it’s only about six inches across, but the professor says he can make larger craft. Whew! And I thought getting into an MRI machine was gonna be a big deal! Uh oh, Pa has the shrink ray again…

Just jiving on a hot afternoon…

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