rainbow phenomenon

“Tim Russert’s golden rainbow? That’s quite a phenomenon! People see the “putting-a-man-to-rest” story. Some think Christ came through a day and God sent men a miracle; so don’t worry, anagram does good.”

What you just read is an anagram. I used the same letters I used in yesterday’s post (allusionary) “Ai saw ”kind” name, God sent something people do understand; stop quarreling about whether or not it’s come through Christ. God-anagrams mean more miracles; see any notes that moon’s pretty today?”

In today’s collage is the photo of the rainbow over the sky, not long after Mr. Russert’s public wake, where the song Somewhere over the Rainbow was played on the ukelele.

SOTR was my mom’s favorite song (the Judy Garland version). She always thought people could send signs from the other side. I have never had a doubt that the signs are there for everyone to see.

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