the way things work

Sometimes, the way things work can be amusing, though often I feel frustration when trying to get things done. In particular local government. Last night I attended one of the Mayor’s Night Out Town Meetings, this one for the downtown district. It was a decent meeting. Thirty or so attended (4 picnic-tables worth of people, basically). I asked about a traffic study where I live. I asked if we could enforce the speed which is 30, about not having the broken yellow center line to help deter passing on this stretch of downtown roadway, and spoke of difficulties walking on the sidewalk with speeding traffic, especially with mobile homes and trucks trying to go in opposing directions on a narrow stretch in front of my house. The police chief (Wallace) promised a speed check sign today. I wondered when they would put it up.

About 1 PM I was informed by someone who had seen it, that a sign had indeed been placed on the street, but at the other end, going into town nearer Main Street (and the inn) than helps us on this end. It was evident to me when I continued to see speeding vehicles, a mobile home and other trucks in particular, that wherever the sign was, it wasn’t helping me . So I called and left a message, hoping they will move it to this block to slow people down. I appreciate the effort, but it really needs to be on this side.

Today the comic bubbles text is written out, because they have a little conversation of their own going on: “I mean, did you check out this brochure?! Is this place not paradise?! Do you think so? Of course. Good, then maybe all this misery will end. I keep forgetting we have a separate line. What do you have in mind? Love. First the internet. Now this, …everything is changing too fast! All the cartoonists e-mailed their strips late. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Of course, there could be a reason. Discover. I’d give anything if I could just sit down and share a cup of coffee KANT. Nonsense, of course you can. Now that is a good cup of coffee. What do you think it means?”

It just means it is all part of the nexus. The text in the collage chosen for today’s anagram is , “All the cartoonists e-mailed their strips late. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? “

My anagram reads, “I asked Mr. Wallace to slow speed here, truth is they did not notice it until inn.”  Yes, the chief’s name is Wallace and there is an inn at the end of the street near where the sign was placed.

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