Now let’s try to discuss something everybody’s interested in! That would be clearly weird.” Uh, yeah…aliens and beliefs (or both) would be something of interest, so why not? I’ll make it brief, in words and pictures. “Elder’s customs should dictate that introduction’s in order. In every solar system they wrongly believe we needed bodies. Since WYSIWYG why wouldn’t Lord start by letter? It’s best.” That’s my anagram from two bubbles in the collage, doubled as you can see. I’m Just following up from where I was yesterday, with new-trine-oh’s, in shui in another little conversational collage. The collages follow each other well in a playful visual continuation. A little quirky in the quark department.  😉  I like that WYSIWYG showed up in the anagram, because the main attraction of WYSIWYG, is the ability of the user to be able to visualize. I get letters from letters, anagrams, language, context, concept, conversation, communication, and the possibility that the theory has been proven.  Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there, right? Ask any scientist. 🙂

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