“It’s funny, I learned if you change one thing in the past there’s a ripple effect through time that changes the future.” Ya’ think? Well, I believe that to be true and apparently it fits right in with the recent nexus. The anagrams come from the first comic bubble in the collage (which was the first sentence written):

1.) “They suggest phanes here. If Nu felt near you turn off anti-matter. He thought scientific tech had lenient epigraph.” An interesting anagram, I thought. Sounds like someone is getting instructions, like in the collage. Phanes? from the Greek phanaô, to bring light, to make appear. Ya’ learn something new every day around here. Phanes is also known as the “primal generator of life”. That’s good in case the power goes out.

  2.) “If you felt funny then I suppose the angel caught the difference. I’m repairing earth. I change stone…that’s the truth.” Hmmm, do you suppose all that rumbling and plate pushing going on under the earth’s surface is just a little repair work by some deep mining operation? Ya’ never know.

Enjoy the day’s collage. I did. See how many connections to previous posts you can make and wonder where it goes next.




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