lē-mə, lī-mə

You say lima (lē-mə) and I say lima (lī-mə) yet some may say llama, too. Well, not really. Just being silly. I got a nice-sized country hambone from a friend and after about five minutes managed to get it cut in half. After cooking it a couple of hours I threw in a package of giant limas that I had in the house and a package of split peas, adding sweet onions, garlic, celery and some seasonings. Boy was that good! I had the smoothest, most filling bean soup, ever! Really! It has been a while since I even saw any giant limas, but sooooo glad I bought some. The peas pretty much disintegrated into a wonderful creamy base; I’d never had that happen before but I’m glad it did. If you have never tried the big, buttery limas, do so. Cook up a big pot of soup and freeze a few quarts for a soup and salad day. I think these make for a great dip too, if you mash them and add some peppers, curry, paprika, chili powder, etc. Oh, yum! Hungry?

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