from a distance

The music plays in my head, “From a distance the world looks blue and green, and the snow-capped mountains white. From a distance the ocean meets the stream, and the eagle takes to flight.”

“God is watching us, God is watching. God is watching us from a distance.” 

Ever wonder “where” God lives?

My anagram is from text seen in this mini collage, Father watches us “from a distance”. He keeps our holy code inside our alleles. You get your proof like funny “toon” life; see how they show my diary. I depend on cross.”

When I saw the text in the frame I started with today in the larger collage (earlier post) it made me think what a great response real aliens would have if they heard such a saying. Obviously they are smarter than us to begin with, so sure, they’d make faces first, at least that is what my mother would have me believe. So, yeah, I’ll go with that. My ex (#2) used to say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” and in the end, I guess I must have been “the enemy” because I thought we were pretty close except when he was treating me like the enemy. I’m sure many go through the same heartache. Such is life. I just hope he doesn’t bankrupt anyone else.  On to happier thoughts, por favor.

Back to my collage…

I always imagine that “we” (humans and such)  are encoded in more ways than most could imagine. My imagination doesn’t have to be any less valid than a top theorist. What happens when we get the human genome thing all figured out? We will evolve. Onward and upward. Humming as I go…from a distance…there is harmony,and it echoes through the land. And it’s the hope of hopes, it’s the love of loves, it’s the heart of every man.

You know, I looked back over the collage in the last entry. I surprise even myself sometimes. The littlest things… Like the placement of the angel in the collage, where the word specific is underlined by the angel’s halo, and then 3-D specs are shared by a couple of amphibians. The whole thing is hilarious, especially the two cloud-watchers, the woman having apparently described what is taking place nearby and the guy says yeah, he could probably see that, in the clouds. The minds of cartoonists are amazing. I love finding how I can use these gems every time I am given to do a collage and anagrams.

**I got a phone call from my daughter at this point, and here I am, in the middle of the post, so I went off the mind track. She was telling me there was a party for her friend (artist Devon Hansen) in Dayton. I have previously mentioned the artist in a post about her heartpeople. My daughter said this was a big deal to her, but unfortunately her boyfriend let her down by attending another function (air show) rather than going to the party with her. She was quite disappointed, especially since she had gone to extremes to put a calendar up in the kitchen so each would know when certain events could be shared, when one was out of town, etc. I am ready to wring his neck for not paying attention to the calendar, but more importantly, for letting her down…again.. Anyway, the woman’s artwork is kinda’ fun, she calls the characters HEART people and my daughter decided to do something for herself, buying one of the artist’s newest illustrations, as yet unnamed. I did tell her I don’t think it is a good habit to buy stuff when one is disappointed, but in this case, I approved. Everybody needs a “heartpeople” to make them smile. I wish I was there for giving hugs, but I am also proud of how my daughter handled the disappointment with the boyfriend, leaving few words to break her lips in anger.

For now we exchange our special loving mother-daughter connection from  a distance. God is watching us, God is watching us, God is watching us from a distance.

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