One up

One up…there…somewhere.

“Funny the way millions of voices drift creation. Each to travel the universe like broken records…I feel truth, it’s quite a story.”

 It’s an anagram, what else? See yesterday’s post (connect this) for continuity.

It gives one pause…something to think about. There could be something to it, you know. There could be an echo out there that someone listens to, the synchronicity factor could be a real thing with all the radio waves floating around out there…even the internet could have reached them and they could be answering us, right now, this very moment. But who would recognize it if they have only the smallest parameters of thought as to what the signal or communication would be like. The minds of humans must make it difficult for those who are trying to communicate. I am sure there is at least one up there who has already figured it out.  😉

Today’s collage contains the “extra anagram” as promised from yesterday’s text (see connect this) and today’s anagram, “God gave me the feeling to remake any text; odd how I find “One Up”…I see one cone drop down right time…HIS story.”






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