a better coney?

One of the things I miss most about living in Cincinnati is going to Gold Star chili for a couple of coneys. Skyline has good coneys too, their recipes are just a bit different. One is sweeter than the other. A “coney” is also a fish, a cephalopholis fulva, I found a photo of a couple of golden coneys. Why? Because there is one in my anagram, but it has nothing to do with cheese..or so it seems.

Today’s anagram comes from text as seen in the previous post’s collage (framed), “And nobody ever knew he had accidentally created life in a test tube. Why is she staring at my legs? Apparent? People tell me I’m downright obvious.” The anagram says, “Mega wish apparently…Ultimate angel handed over keys; loved bible comics, fountain had story all right—it happened, we witnessed better coney.” The keys photo here and in my previous post comes from part of a mural at St. Peter in Chains in Cincinnati.

 A better coney????  Go figure, 😉


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