The fortunes of kings and queens are wasted chasing what we’ve seen.
‘Cause we are, by Your reprieve,
The beauty framed by Your suffering.”
(Signature Of Divine )

“Every single word I say. You know it before I speak. You know every thought the deepest part of me. You draw me closer than I see. Your presence is every thing.”

 One song flows into the next, no matter when I turn it on.

I tell you the words I hear,  “God on high Stepped down into time And wrote the story of His love for everyone…”I tell you the next words I hear, “I got my heart set on what happens next, I got my eyes wide, It’s not over yet, We’re miracles, and we’re not alone…”

I am done with the collage at this point in the post, so I upload it. (This is lengthy so I’ll do another post for anagrams.)

This is the second time I have heard this song today. Be Still: “Its not just you And not just me We all need to believe that We are not alone.”

More… “He has filled our hearts with wonder so that we always remember…”

“…don’t know where you’re coming from but you’re coming soon.”

I leave this collage where the music started in the last post (streaming):“You’re in the mud In the maze of her imagination”and I smile because mud has always been clear to me.  😉

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