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The preacher visiting today preached on Ephesians, settling in between 3:16 and 3:20. He was saying it is hard to just jump into the middle of Ephesians and sometimes you need to go back a ways in order to understand the context of certain things. Of course, going back to the beginning was what he said. It could work here too, if one is so inclined, but you would really have to want to be enlightened to vicisiconography. It’s just my thing, I can assure you no one else does this.

Lots of people can explain the Bible, but I can’t even explain the way God talks to me. Sometimes people can tell by what is in the collages, though. Maybe if you read Ephesians 3 you’ll get the gist of a couple of messages today. I probably could and should talk about that, because the preacher said so many things that related to recent posts that I laughed a lot in church today. I wasn’t the only one though, it was a good sermon, lots of personal anecdotes.

I found it especially interesting when he said something about the “trademark of God”. It was like a little secret let out, because though I did not write about “God’s trademark” this week to the public, it is something I saw in my anagram and decided to keep to myself. It’s because I used those specific words that it caught my attention. It’s nice to hear a little “clarification” for that which I wrote afore  😉 He made a lot of interesting connections, like he was checking things off of a list. I like his style. Rollin Mitchell is a favorite visiting pastor, I’m sure.

I went back to look for the symbol I had put on a post called  a living rune, because I was thinking about alleles, genes, symbols, and the symbol on the page is like a Y with a vertical line through it, like the tree pictured in the post mentioned. So the symbol matches then, does it not? Is a rune not a symbol of something else? Just the description is telling me something. Why? Well, why not? Why not have an understanding through symbols. If you think about it, it makes sense, and it can be simple or complex. No big deal, it just is what it is. So if you look at the symbol again you might also see it is half an X or a V on the upper half, as well as a Y with a vertical line through it. I will always see it as the tree mentioned in that post. I wouldn’t mind seeing the tree, in person, as it were. It’s been a while, but I know I will see it again, next time I cross the river.  😉

Speaking of the river…It was Regatta weekend in Madison. Fireworks kept me home with the dogs mostly, every little pop makes them cringe, but somehow they slept through the loudest of the fireworks show last night. Probably because I turned down every invitation to be out of the house watching fireworks elsewhere. Oh well. I could see some from the bedroom window, and heard plenty. The dogs are again under my feet as I type this post, fireworks going off here and there. The dogs are very anxious, panting and trying to constantly touch me for reassurance. I keep getting up trying to cook pork chops, red potatoes and green beans too, so lots of interruptions. And if the beau gets back soon and on the computer, who knows if this will get done soon.

(I hear Let’s go to the River!” on a commercial as I proofread. I had to move my text around some.

—————————————The beau did come home and it was about 4 hours between thoughts on here, so pardon the interruption.  —————————————————

So now it’s collage time. Sign Garden comic strip had a sign I used in my collage that seemed to fit well with today’s anagram, a visual connection of sorts. Using the same text twice I anagrammed (“I was wondering because you never said anything”) to get this, “Uncanny, I use right words again when I say you educate by a gene given in veins, I “sow” as wonderbread.” BTW, did you know there was an Italian wonderbread.

Back to the collage. I started the day with Speed Bump’s comic and knew immediately it was part of the collage in some way. I broke it up and used it twice, which kind’a happened in the original story ( 😉 ), and also used Pearls Before Swine frames with an extra change-up, so it made sense to me to use text twice for an anagram.

I know I jump around a little but I write in the stream of things, and sometimes I have to move the text. Today I found “yes” which allowed me to listen to the old stations I used to listen to in Cincinnati. It was a nice treat. I mainly listened to WKRQ today. Maybe tomorrow I will do something else. Yesterday it was Air1 I listened to via a different route. So today, “YES” went into the collage in more than one way, or I should say the collage showed me “yes” existed (for my listening pleasure) so I put a mini-screen-shot into the collage. I learn a lot through my collages. There are times I have to look up what comes up, just to make sure it is what I think it is, or that it really fits into the collage or anagram itself. Things kinda’ come together in a weird way around here. Hopefully it makes sense

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