da vinci’s bid

Anagramming with da Vinci…at least it seems he is one of the people who taught me to think the way I do. My mom LOVED daVinci, so I was always aware of his greatness and his wit.  He certainly saw things differently and I often feel he was a great teacher from beyond to allow me to see things through a greater imagination. Today’s anagram comes from the text outlined in red in the collage, “but did anybody notice, in what possible way, in every way…it’s big, it’s bold, it’s ambitious, it’s totally…”. And the anagram says, “It’s probably my destiny to visit Italy about that Bible…You got “sow”, Einstein! DaVinci’s bid was wild.” Kinda’ sounds like poker with the boys, doesn’t it? Ya’ think someone is betting on me? Enjoy the collage. I see Einstein and da Vinci in my mind, sitting around the table like the velvet poker playing dogs. They make me smile. I wonder what kind of music they’d have on? Probably the hokey pokey. I have always thought it was God’s favorite dance.  😉

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