I read an article a little bit ago on, “‘One of the greatest surprises about Cassini’s science results is that some of the most extreme predictions have turned out to be correct,’ said Bob Pappalardo, a geologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., who recently signed on as Cassini project scientist. Surprises, predictions…hmmm.I don’t think anyone could have predicted that there would be a hexagon shape circling the north pole on Venus, but it sure is interesting looking, isn’t it? The honeycomb shape, the universe’s favorite geometry, it would seem. The universe has many secrets, which often changes the way scientists view their findings when they discover they have once again been “surprised”. Maybe it is just worked into the theory somehow, who knows. I wonder how extreme an extreme prediction is.before it is considered such. 😉

“Predicted” is not what I would call it, but the word did show up in my anagram, using text that was in yesterday’s collage, wrote afore, “If I looked up “insanity” in the dictionary I’d see a picture of these two.” The anagram says, it’s like pictionary, I found “How It Is”…see, a fine one that you predicted.” You must wonder what that means. It means I went to the library today, and found a few books were just waiting for me to find them. One of the books that called to me was St. Peter’s, with reference to that showing up in two previous posts, skitin’ and scatin’ and a better coney?) and one was How It Is, which showed up in the anagram I just showed. Just two books among others vyying for my attention. Some I will read, some will only hold keywords for me. I only knew they called to me, as “predicted.”

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