pokered toons

OK, this is fun: “Look at this! That’s the…spirit? (Dolphinese) He wanted me to bubble with him instead! He has the wackiest ideas! C’Mon! You expect me to believe that?! What kinda’ conversation could you possibly have with a stupid fish?!! (on phone) Dang. Well, at least we know, so we’ll be prepared. They’re not really fish. Yeah, but she’s…Wait, how did you find out? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I knew I’d never be able to say that and keep a straight face! What d’he say? (aliens crashes) I think I strained a synapse trying to track that! We’ve been visited by aliens who are more advanced than us! By how much? I hope you’re both kidding. (Man grabs a lightning bolt in mid air) Have you noticed any change? I know, it seems so logical! Why do I always fill up on bread? I tried to tell you. How can you be so certain if you haven’t read it?! It’s like the real world! Hey, wait a minnit. Does anyone else think this weird? Any more questions? You know. Is this one of the good ones? I’ll let you know after tonight’s poker game. Well, sir. I made it through with 12, count em’, 12 items!”

OK, that was the collage in “conversation.” If you look at yesterday’s entry, (da vinci’s bid) please (or that plus more) I don’t have to explain everything. Can you see the universe and I am playing a game? If so more of this will make. Remember, I am just using comics anyone can find out there; I just put them into a conversation between me and “them”. I will explain that yesterday I noticed some of my posts were not showing on the public pages, so I asked about that. It turns out we (posters on wordpress) are not supposed to have more than 12 categories and tags combined. I did not know that, so I am trying to conform and changed a few posts to try to comply with the rules. So 12 it is. It’s “How It Is”… See? 😉

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