“Track it! Track it!” I hear on the news while they’re talking about “predicting” certain health issues in diets. At the same time I am looking at my mail, reading, “if only scientists could more accurately predict the dynamics of Earth’s often unpredictable oceans.” Interesting term they use, “hindcasting”, meaning looking over previous data as a way of making future predictions. Hey, whatever works. Everybody wants a crystal ball or skull or something. I already did my predicted post.  😉

Tracking…like echoes, echoes like dolphins use…dolphinese? Oh, I am getting off track aren’t I? My daughter called a few minutes before I started this post. Though she could not hear the echo my entire portion of the conversation (my voice) was echoed the whole time I was on the phone. Fifteen minutes of that is enough to drive you nuts. I was using a regular old-fashioned hard-line telephone, too, so I was not pleased. I don’t even have to put up with that on the cell phone. Echoes…and I jump a bit.

From echoes to Carbon Nanotube Electron Windmills CNT “wind”. Just reading my mail. They say the device looks like a telescope, not the typical “windmill” one might picture. I guess it doesn’t resemble a windmill cookie then either. I haven’t seen a CNT windmill, but realize there has been conversation about this for a number of years. According to the article that comes up, “The devices are called windmills because they’re powered by an applied dc voltage between the electrodes, which produces a “wind” of electrons.” Maybe there is hope for us yet…

Tracking…devices…dolphins…echoes…windmills…where am I going? Hmmm, I wonder how the pod of bottlenose dolphins swimming the Shrewsbury River for the past few weeks is at this point. I do a quick check and I found this link and a photo of a few members of the pod. I guess NOAA is taking good care of them. While looking for links I also found out that there is a barcode tracker called a dolphin. Hmmm. My brain says there is more for another day.

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