i should know

“Comics text used to spell out how funny universe and world began, one faith’s story; queer how one hand takes away sight, not path.”

I guess everything I do with comics is kinda’ queer, isn’t it? I’d really like to see someone else do this stuff to see what kind of results they get. It could be interesting. I like this collage today.

I enjoyed the collage’s conversation today. The butterfly thing was a real hoot today, with one of the angels in the comic already a butterfly it was no big jump for me to use the photo of a butterfly that my friend and I had discussed yesterday when she told me about her walk. You will see da vinci got in, a reference to echoes, theory, etc., etc., and if you have not followed the blog will be amused maybe but not understand how each day flows from one to the next, with non sequiturs now making more sense than ever, to the point that the comics even admit it. 😉  Life is funny. I should know.

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